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Proposal for Conference Organization and Proceedings Publication

In order to evaluate the terms of organizing and publishing your conference, we invite conference organizers to fill in the form below. Once the form is sent to us, we will be able to initiate further discussions and prepare an offer for the organization services and the publication conditions.

Conference proceedings or edited volumes of extended articles are considered for publication with Trivent Publishing based on the scope, topic, and international standing. The scientific organizers of the conference must assure that all papers are subject to an initial peer-review process, are all original, and not published elsewhere in the same form. They must also comply with the publication standards and ethics of Trivent Publishing.

I. Personal information  
Title: Mr./Ms.*
First name:*
Last name:*
Phone number:*
II. Conference details  
Name and abbreviation:
Subject matter and topics:
Date and venue:
Scientific organizer(s)/institution:
Conference chair(s) and affiliation(s)
Expected number of participants
Percentage of expected participants: % domestic - % overseas
Proposed guest editor(s), affiliation(s)
III. Logistic details  
Planned location (university/hotel):
Expected number of invited speakers (benefitting from tax waiver + accommodation)
Meals included (lunches, dinners, welcome reception):
Extra program(s):

  - Template for Humanities, B5

- Template for Engineering, Bioethics, and Medicine, B5

- Template for Humanities, A5

- Template for Engineering, Bioethics, and Medicine, A5