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Welcome to our digital library where you can read most of our volume publications for free! Should you be interested in buying them in either digital or printed format, please send us an email to for prices and arrangements!

Watershed and River Basin Management

Edited by János Fehér

eBook ISBN 978-615-80340-4-3

Power Systems, Energy Markets and Renewable Energy Sources in South-Eastern Europe

Edited by Fotis Mavromatakis and Kyriakos Siderakis

eBook ISBN 978-615-80340-7-4

Communication Today: An Overview from Online Journalism to Applied Philosophy

Edited by Maria Micle and Claudiu Mesaroș

eBook ISBN 978-615-80340-6-7

The Modern and Contemporary Reception of Saint Gerard of Cenad

Edited by Claudiu Mesaroş

eBook ISBN 978-615-80340-5-0

Saint Gerard of Cenad: Tradition and Innovation

Edited by Claudiu Mesaroş and Claudiu Călin

Online ISBN 978-615-80340-1-2
Softcover ISBN 978-615-80340-2-9


Filosofia Sfântului Gerard de Cenad în context cultural și biografic
The Philosophy of Saint Gerard of Cenad in Cultural and Biographic Context

Edited by Claudiu Mesaroş

Softcover ISBN 978-963-315-148-8

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