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Saint Gerard of Cenad: Tradition and Innovation

Edited by Claudiu Mesaroş and Claudiu Călin

Saint Gerard of Cenad was a Benedictine monk of Venetian origin, deeply involved in the Christianisation of Pannonia (Hungary) and the Banat Region (now part of Romania) and in paideic acts; as the first bishop of the Diocese of Cenad, he organized the province, built a school, and debated on the relation between spiritual instruction and devotional life, fully aware of the philosophical features of his own time, such as the debate between the dialecticians and antidialecticians, or the status of reason for the Christian effort of approaching God.

This volume is the second one in a series dedicated to the life and work of Saint Gerard. While the first volume focused on the little-known work of Saint Gerard, Deliberatio supra hymnum trium puerorum ad Isingrimum Liberalem, this second volume explores the subject on a deeper level and enlarges the perspectives on the life and work of the saint. The perspectives of investigation on St. Gerard’s work, life, and heritage were broadened so it opened to interdisciplinary debates and a variety of subjects including theology, hagiography, philosophy, history of science and intellectual history, local and ecclesiastical history, philology, cultural geography and cultural studies, classical and medieval studies, palaeography, archaeology, arts and history of arts, which range from the Early Middle Ages to modern times.



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