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Filosofia Sfântului Gerard de Cenad în context cultural și biografic
The Philosophy of Saint Gerard of Cenad in Cultural and Biographic Context

Edited by Claudiu Mesaroş

Presented here with the permission of Jate Press

Saint Gerard of Cenad was a Benedictine monk of Venetian origin, deeply involved in the Christianisation of Pannonia (Hungary) and the Banat Region (now part of Romania). As the first bishop of the Diocese of Cenad, he organized the first school attested on Romanian territory, probably equipped with a library, and around 1030-1040, he wrote the first text known on the territory of today’s Romania -- the philosophical treaty Deliberatio supra hymnum trium puerorum ad isingrimum Liberalem.

This work of Biblical hermeneutics is part of the cultural context in which the distinction between theology and philosophy did not exist. What Gerard names “philosophy” is neither opposed, nor different from theology. He rather differentiates between lay philosophy and Christian philosophy. Therefore, in the work of Saint Gerard, there is no problem of the connection between philosophy and theology, but one of the connection between deductive or dialectic philosophy and Christian or mystical philosophy, sometimes understood as the philosophy of the saints or of the Gospels, other times as Biblical hermeneutics; the two of them have, in fact, a common ground, whose discovery seems to be the very scope of the philosophy of Saint Gerard of Cenad.



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