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The Modern and Contemporary Reception of Saint Gerard of Cenad

Edited by Claudiu Mesaroş

eBook ISBN 978-615-80340-5-0

This volume includes the papers presented at the third annual meeting dedicated to Saint Gerard of Cenad, “The Modern and Contemporary Reception of Saint Gerard of Cenad,” held at the West University of Timișoara (Romania) on November 5th, 2015. For this edition, the participants were encouraged to research the modern and contemporary reception of Saint Gerard assuming that the philosophical and philological exegesis on Saint Gerard is still scarce in Romania and abroad. The Romanian edition of Gerard’s Deliberatio dated 1986 needs serious critical evaluation, while a new translation is expected.

The first paper in the volume is written by Dorel Micle and reveals how the archaeological layers in the area of Cenad were seriously damaged by the agricultural use of the land. Further on, Răzvan Mihai Neagu attempts to decipher the intellectual formation of the bishops of Cenad in the Middle Ages. Interesting data is revealed by Boris Stojkovski and Svetozar Boškov from the University of Novi Sad, regarding the modern reception of Saint Gerard of Cenad in the texts of the English hagiographer Alban Butler. Claudiu Mesaroș endeavours into a critical evaluation of the Romanian 1986 edition of Gerard’s Deliberatio translated in Romanian as “Armonia Lumii,” a highly necessary effort. Andrea-Bianka Znorovszky presents an analysis of visual representations of martyrdom in a comparative case study including Saint Lawrence, Saint Gerard, and Saint Eugenia of Rome. The volume ends with Radu Cernătescu’s terminological discussion on translating several key terms from Deliberatio.



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