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Communication Today: An Overview from Online Journalism to Applied Philosophy

Edited by Maria Micle and Claudiu Mesaroș

eBook ISBN 978-615-80340-6-7

In today’s hypermodern society, traditional communication and living norms are stirred by fundamental socio-technical mutations; education is increasingly solicited to keep pace with these mutations in order to adapt the education of young people to the needs of the social and professional environments, such as: the need of self-surpassing, creativity, excessive competition, while also learning notions of active citizenship by participating in collective projects and actions.

The online environment is undoubtedly contributing to the democratization of knowledge, although it also generates the phenomenon of information pollution whose effects need to be researched, known, and prevented. E-communication changes most rules in society, including those regarding learning and action by soliciting new competences; the internet is not a neutral communication means, thus it can complete, transform, and even change the other types of communication. The communication phenomena are now in the centre of the society’s interests, and the need of a theoretical frame is becoming evident.

This volume discusses all these issues and highlights the most recent dialogues on the following topics: Communication, Journalism and Public Relations, Library StudiesEducation, Intercultural Dialogues, E-LearningPolitical Sciences, Democratization and GlobalizationApplied Philosophy, Ethics and Bioethics, Critical Thought.



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