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The Best Romanian Management Studies 2015-2016
Ed. Ovidiu NICOLESCU, Constantin OPREAN, Mihail Aurel ŢÎŢU
eBook ISBN 978-615-80996-3-9
May 2018
Pages:  I-162

Saint Gerard of Cenad was a Benedictine monk of Venetian origin, deeply involved in the Christianisation of Pannonia (Hungary) and the Banat Region (now part of Romania) and in paideic acts; as the first bishop of the Diocese of Cenad, he organized the province, built a school, and debated on the relation between spiritual instruction and devotional life, fully aware of the philosophical features of his own time, such as the debate between the dialecticians and antidialecticians, or the status of reason for the Christian effort of approaching God.

Modern management is represented by global management with a modern interdisciplinary approach which allows no ambiguities. Today, there is a need of managers who are capable to appreciate the values of society based on knowledge. The solution is quality management based on clear procedures to recognize moral and professional competences. The type of management practiced in teams brings a plus of professional value and offers a sustainable development. Competent and well-trained professionals can take this solution to success on both short and long term. This book brings together management studies worthy of following. Quality represents the road to success, while performance and intellectual property is the path to sustainable competitive advantage.

Prof. Eng. & Ec. Mihail Aurel ȚÎȚU, Sc.D. & Ph.D., Dr. Habil.



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