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Power Systems, Energy Markets and Renewable Energy Sources in South-Eastern Europe

Edited by Fotis Mavromatakis and Kyriakos Siderakis
eBook ISBN 978-615-80340-7-4

The evolution experienced in the energy sector during the last decade is unprecedented. The introduction of renewable sources, the transition from centralized to distributed generation, the implementation of smart schemes and the market operation have initiated a sequence of fundamental transformations. Electric power systems are entering a new era. At the same time, problems experienced in the past remain and the need for efficient and reliable solutions is evident.

In this direction, energy engineers and researchers must support and implement the necessary changes and improvements, which will establish a stable starting point for the future power grids. The key of success is information and experience interchange within the energy community. This is the essence of the DEMSEE conferences. A forum for the engineering community, for people from academia and industry to meet and exchange ideas on electricity-related issues, ranging from power systems to legislation. People from different countries and different scientific fields are brought together to disseminate experiences, technologies, methodologies and best practices.

The 2016 conference on Deregulated Electricity Market Issues in South Eastern Europe took place in Heraklion, Crete (Greece) on September 22-23. It was the 11th conference following the first conference back in 2005 which was organized by Prof. Thales Papazoglou, the founder of the DEMSEE conferences. This volume contains 32 research articles written by researchers who participated in the conference. The topics covered by these papers involve power systems operation and control, energy markets, renewable energy sources, smart grids and power systems on islands.



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