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Watershed and River Basin Management

Edited by János Fehér
eBook ISBN 978-615-80340-4-3

Table of Contents

The Fecal Has Hit the Fan: Overview of Efforts in the U.S. to Address Bacterial Contamination in Surface Waters
Alan. H. Vicory, Jason Heath

Water Framework Directive Catchment Planning: A Case Study Apportioning Loads and Assessing Environmental Benefits of Programme of Measures
Bob Crabtree, Sarah Kelly, Hannah Green, Graham Squibbs, Gordon Mitchell

Pollution State and Modeling of Organophosphoric Acid Triesters in the Yamato River Basin
H. Shimazu

Sustainable River Basin Management under the European Water Framework Directive: An Effective Protection of Drinking-Water Resources
S. Wuijts, H.F.M.W. van Rijswick

Integrated Modelling for Basinwide Sustainable Management of Water Quality
A.G. Capodaglio, G. Tartari, A. Callegari

The WETwin project: Enhancing the Role of Wetlands in Integrated Water Resources Management for Twinned River Basins in the EU, Africa and South-America in Support of EU Water Initiatives
I. Zsuffa, J. Cools, P. Vlieghe, P. Debels, A. van Griensven, A. van Dam, T. Hein, F. Hattermann, M. Masiyandima, M.P. Cornejo R. de Grunauer, R. Kaggwa, C. Baker

Planning and Implementation of a Public Participation Process Towards the Development of the Anthemountas River Basin Water Management Plan
E. Pavlidou, S. Famellos, M. Makraki, A. Deliyannis

Water Quality Study of the Itaparica Reservoir, São Francisco River, Brazil
Gustavo Lira de Melo, Maria do Carmo Sobral, Günter Gunkel

The Significance of Soil in Watershed Management
Gy. Várallyay

Climate Change: Towards an Adaptive Water Management in Slovenia
B. Đurović, A. Bizjak, M. Kobold

Determining Environmental Flows for the South Saskatchewan River Basin, Alberta, Canada
C. W. Koning, A.G.H. Locke, J.M. Mahoney

Evolution of the Monitoring Water Quality System in Ipojuca River Basin, Brazil
M. Sobral, S. Montenegro, G. Gunkel, A. M. L. Barros, J. Aureliano

Challenges in Geographic Information System and Erosion Model Application in Watershed Management: The Bohol Watershed, Philippines
H. J. Bavor, I. C. Genson-Torrefranca

The Climate Change and Groundwater Regimes in Finland
Risto Mäkinen, Mirjam Orvomaa, Noora Veijalainen and Inese Huttunen



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