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Comunicare, cultură şi societate. De la Teorie la Practica Culegere de studii, vol. II (Communication, Culture, Society. From Theory to Practice. Collection of Studies, vol. II)

Ed. Maria Sinaci, Cristian Măduţ

ISBN 978-615-80996-6-0 (print) 
ISBN 978-615-80996-7-7 (eBook) 

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The Best Romanian Management Studies 2015-2016

Ed. Ovidiu NICOLESCU, Constantin OPREAN, Mihail Aurel ŢÎŢU

ISBN 978-615-80996-2-2 (print)
ISBN 978-615-80996-3-9 (eBook)

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Comunicare, cultură şi societate. Culegere de studii
(Communication, Culture, Society. Collection of Studies)

Ed. Maria Sinaci, Cristian Măduţa

ISBN 978-615-80340-8-1 (print)
ISBN 978-615-80340-9-8 (eBook)

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