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Trivent Publishing started as a fully open access publisher, but it now also publishes non-open access titles. We fully support the open access movement which is why we try to make it as easy as possible for authors to publish OA with us.

Trivent Publishing does not charge for publishing non-open access publications. However, open access is a type of publication which needs financial support, therefore we are bound to have article and book processing charges (APCs and BPCs). As compared to other publishers on the market, our open access processing charges are competitive and minimal, precisely because we want encourage authors towards open access.

We have two types of APCs:
* For publications resulting from conferences (either proceedings or collected volumes of extended articles), the publication charge is included in the conference participation fee and it varies depending on the conference and the number of articles to be included in the volume.
* For publications independent of conferences, there is an agreed fee similar to that of proceedings but paid independently.

Publication charges are kept to a minimum and cover the following costs: the editorial and technical process, graphic design, online hosting, ensuring accessibility and free access to all readers, competitive considerations, market conditions. Adjustments in APCs are under regular review and are subject to change.

The APC price for the publication of one article in any one of our series is € 100.

A precise quote for book publication costs will be provided upon receiving all relevant information on the type of publication desired. However, please see below the approximate prices for volume

Volume publication, up to 250 pages                                 € 1300 + VAT
Volume publication, between 250 and 500 pages           € 1700 + VAT
Volume publication, over 500 pages                                  € 2000 + VAT