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Philosophy, Communication, Media Sciences

Trivent Publishing, H-1119 Budapest, Etele u. 59-61
Series editor: Claudiu Mesaros, West University of Timisoara (Romania),
Responsible publisher: Teodora C. Artimon
ISSN 2498-4884 (Print)
ISSN 2498-5082 (Online)

Book Power in Communication, Sociology and Technology
Ed. Angela Repanovici, Manolis Koukourakis, Tereza Khecyoyan
ISBN 978-615-80996-4-6 (print) 
ISBN 978-615-80996-5-3 (eBook) 
September 2018
Pages:  I-156

Attaining Humanity. Aesthetic and Moral Education in Schiller and Rousseau

by Stefan-Sebastian Maftei
(scheduled for publication in 2019)

Communication Today: An Overview from Online Journalism to Applied Philosophy

Online ISBN 978-615-80340-6-7
Volume 4 (September 2016)
Pages 1-349
Edited by Maria Micle and Claudiu Mesaroş

The Modern and Contemporary Reception of Saint Gerard of Cenad
Online ISBN 978-615-80340-5-0
Volume 3 (May 2016)
Pages 1-61
Edited by Claudiu Mesaroş

The Philosophy of Saint Gerard of Cenad in Cultural and Biographic Context
Online ISBN 978-615-80340-3-6
Volume 2 (published online 2016 - with the permission of JATE Press)
Pages 1-156
Softcover ISBN 978-963-315-148-8 (published by JATE Press)
Softcover publication date: 2013, Szeged
Edited by Claudiu Mesaroş

Saint Gerard of Cenad: Tradition and Innovation
Softcover ISBN 978-615-80340-2-9
Online ISBN 978-615-80340-1-2
Volume 1 (September 2015)
Pages 1-176
Edited by Claudiu Mesaroş and Claudiu Călin

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