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Reviewing Process though the ReviewSlot

Trivent Publishing peer reviews the material it receives. Prior to publication, our manuscripts go through a rigorous double blind peer review process through our own reviewing system: the ReviewSlot™.

The ReviewSlot is an easy to use review system. Its purpose is to offer its users a clear and fast paper management process, while solely using double blind peer review in order to support academic impartiality.

The ReviewSlot helps editors, authors, and reviewers to manage their publications. The following features are supported by ReviewSlot:

  • Paper submission
  • Editor, author, and reviewer registration
  • Review committee management
  • Easy access to submitted papers for editors
  • Double blind peer review
  • Submission of reviews
  • Detailed review process
  • Monitoring the review process
  • Email management for authors, reviewers, and editors
  • Submission of final papers

In order to assure the correctness of the reviewing process, we ask our reviewers to agree to the COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers. If you wish to become one of our peer reviewers please fill in the New Reviewer Form and send it to us at  

Standards and Ethics

In order to assure high-standard publications, publishing revenue has no influence on editorial decisions. The selection process is based on scientific value which is why the peer review process stands at the core of our publishing process.

The duties of the reviewers include the contribution to the editorial decision, objectivity, confidentiality, promptness, attention to and checking for plagiarism, disclosure and attention to conflicts of interest.

The duties of the editors include the final decision on publication, fair play, confidentiality, involvement and cooperation in investigations, disclosure, and attention to conflicts of interest.

Author duties include meeting academic standards, seeking originality, acknowledgement of sources, avoidance of plagiarism, multiple or redundant publication, attention to errors in published works.

Publishing Rights

In order for Trivent Publishing to be able to publish and disseminate the author’s work, we need a publishing agreement with the author. This agreement deals with the transfer or license of the copyright to Trivent while authors retain significant rights to use and share their own published articles. In case of open access distribution, authors will have the right to:

* Share their article for personal and scholarly purposes (including scholarly rights to create certain derivative works), as long as they give proper attribution and credit to the published work
* Retain patent, trademark and other intellectual property rights (including raw research data).
* Proper attribution and credit for the published work.

All articles published in open access are subject to a Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial (CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0) licence which allows users to copy and share the article, provided original work is properly cited and that this is not done for commercial purposes. Users may not remix, transform, or build upon the material and may not distribute the modified material. ( All open access articles are identified by the Creative Commons copyright statement which appears on the first page of each article.