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Trivent Publishing serves the academic community by publishing peer-reviewed volumes dedicated to academic research. It prides on its three new imprints (Trivent Medieval, Trivent Violence & Conflict, and Trivent Ethics in Science & Technology) which publish book series dedicated to:

  • the history of the Middle Ages, medieval magic and witchcraft, equine history, art history, Late Antique and Byzantine studies, cultural heritage;
  • studies on criminology, as well as interdisciplinary and inter-political discussions on violence, and our PJCV Journal.
  • Bioethics, ethics, applied philosophy – altogether ethical, legal and social issues of innovative scientific and technological discoveries.

Furthermore, it publishes on subjects related to engineering and industry, philosophy, medicine and biology, communication and media sciences, although we are happy to accommodate new academic fields and research approaches.

Advances in the History of Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion 
Series editor: Fabrizio Conti (John Cabot University,  Rome)

Cultures and Heritages 
Series editors: Marcell Sebők (Central European University, Budapest)

History and Art

Series editors: Gerhard Jaritz (Central European University, Budapest)
and Monica Ann Walker Vadillo (University of Oxford)

Picturing the Middle Ages and Early Modernity
Series editor: Andrea-Bianka Znorovszky (Ca’ Foscari University, Venice)

Rewriting Equestrian History 
Series editors: Anastasija Ropa (Latvian Academy of Sport Education)
and Timothy Dawson

Sylloge – Library of Late Antique and Byzantine Studies
Series editors: Mihail Mitrea (Newcastle University)
and Anna Lampadaridi (University of Oxford)

Philosophical Journal of Conflict and Violence (PJCV)
Editor-in-Chief: Andreas Wilmes (Centre de Recherche sur les Liens Sociaux –
University Paris-Descartes)

Archaeology of Crime
Publishers: Andreas Wilmes & Teodora C. Artimon

Crime, Violence and Justice
Series editor: Bianca Fileborn (University of Melbourne)

Philosophy of Crime (new series, title TBC)
Series editor: George A. Dunn (University of Indianapolis)

Applied Ethics: From Bioethics to Environmental Ethics
Series editor: János I. Tóth (University of Szeged)


Advances in Cell Signaling and Diseases
Series editors: Luciana Zischler (Pontiphical Catholic University of Parana, Brazil)
and Andrei A. Constantinescu (France)

Engineering and Industry
Series editor: Bálint Németh, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Philosophy, Communication, Media Sciences
Series editor: Claudiu Mesaros, West University of Timisoara