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Trivent Publishing is aided by its backing structure: Trivent Conference Office which engages in conference management. Altogether, Trivent can arrange both the logistics of your academic event, as well as the post-conference publication. For more on Trivent Conference Office see and its past and future events here.

Should you wish to submit a proposal for the organization of your conference (either including publication or not), please fill in the conference organizing form on the Publication proposals link on our website.

For other information or direct inquiries on our events and event management, please feel free to contact us directly!

Contact information:

Monika Jetzin

Etele Ășt 59-61
1119 Budapest
Phone: +36-1-3711333
Fax: +36-1-3711334

Click here for the main Trivent Conferences Website


  - Template for Humanities, B5

- Template for Engineering, Bioethics, and Medicine, B5

- Template for Humanities, A5

- Template for Engineering, Bioethics, and Medicine, A5