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“Do Not Block the Way of Inquiry” (Charles Sanders Peirce)

Head of Imprint:
Andreas Wilmes,

Issues of violence and conflict are scarcely the focus of academic research today. Many academic publishers and/or scientific journals are mostly concerned with the methods, the theoretical frameworks, the specialized areas of expertise or ideologies they want to promote. Scholars are rarely invited to inquire into violence and conflict issues with a fresh mind, as their studies must often correspond to the very specific requests of current editorial approaches and trends in scientific research. Furthermore, given the highly compartmentalized nature of academic publishing, interdisciplinary and inter-political discussions on violence and conflict issues are hardly encouraged. Trivent Violence & Conflict works to treat violence and conflict as matters that are all too deserving of scholars’ constant reflection and problematization. In addition, the editors’ ambition is to put violence and conflict issues in the front and center of academic discussions, and to inquire into them beyond current disciplinary or ideological boundaries.

The imprint includes:

Philosophical Journal of Conflict and Violence (PJCV)
Editor-in-Chief: Andreas Wilmes

Archaeology of Crime
Publishers Andreas Wilmes & Teodora C. Artimon

Crime, Violence and Justice
Ed. Bianca Fileborn