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Proposal for Volume Publication

In order to evaluate the publication of your manuscript, we invite authors and editors to fill in the form below. Once the form is sent to us, we will be able to initiate discussions on the publication conditions. Manuscripts are considered for publication based on the scope, topic, and international standing. They must comply with the publication standards and ethics of Trivent Publishing.
I. Personal information  
Title: Mr./Ms.*
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II. Publication information  
Type of publication:
Subtitle (if applicable):
Brief summary and description (what does the publication cover? How is it novel? Why should it be published?
Table of contents - Please give a brief description of the main topics to be covered in each chapter
Main target audience: for whom is the book is primarily written, in which discipline(s), at what level(s), which specific courses/modules it might be used upon?
Please give three key benefits that your book offers to its readers
Please provide details (title, author, publisher, publication date, and list price) of comparable books, or books that might compete directly for a reader’s attention. Please give a brief comparison between your book and the competition. What advantages does your book have over the competition?
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