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“I am most pleased to recommend Trivent Publishing to anyone who is at the ‘publish a book’ stage of life. The team is professional, outstanding, supportive; they are intelligent editors who will direct, not coddle, an author on his/her journey to publication.”

(Professor of Management and Health Care Management, Iona College, USA)

“I’ve participated in two conferences organized by Trivent in the last few years and both were a nice experience – went smoothly, had decent talks in a good spirit. When it came to managing manuscripts, I was surprised by the professionalism by which they helped my text to be published. I definitively enjoyed working with them!”

(Semmelweis University, Budapest)

“I have been working with the Philosophical Journal of Conflict and Violence since its debut in 2017. It has been a pleasant experience to see the how the papers take shape in the process from submission to peer review to publication. The editor-in-chief together with the Trivent team do a tremendous job and are always seeking quality above all!”

(University Paul-Valéry – Montpellier III, Paris)

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