Trivent Publishing belongs to Trivent Conferences, an international company with headquarters in Budapest (Hungary) and with over 25 years of experience in the field of academic event management.

SJT Trivent opened in Budapest in 1993 and has been operating successfully ever since. Its main purpose is organizing academic conferences for universities – you can see the full list of events organized by Trivent here.  In the years 2000, it started to work for the European Commission in the EU region as well as outside of Europe in regions as varied as Egypt, Morocco, Namibia, Kenya, Seychelles, Indonesia, Russia, Argentina, Venezuela, USA, etc. Trivent is currently the head of an event organizing consortium for the Union for the Mediterranean.


Throughout its existence, Trivent Conferences worked with some of the largest academic publishing houses in the world and thus gained the skills and methods employed by professional academic publishing. This materialized into Trivent Publishing in 2014, but we only came into full working schedule a few years later, in 2016-2017, thus making us a very young publishing house – which is why some of our series only have a few or no titles published yet.


Trivent Publishing serves the academic community by publishing peer-reviewed volumes dedicated to academic research. Its three imprints (Trivent Medieval, Trivent Violence & Conflict, and Trivent Ethics in Science & Technology) publish book series dedicated to:

• The history of the Middle Ages, medieval magic and witchcraft, equine history, art history, Late Antique and Byzantine studies, cultural heritage;

• Studies on criminology, the philosophy of crime, as well as interdisciplinary and inter-political discussions on violence, and our Philosophical Journal on Conflict and Violence.

• Bioethics, ethics, applied philosophy – altogether ethical, legal and social issues of innovative scientific and technological discoveries.

Furthermore, we publish on subjects related to engineering and industry, philosophy, medicine and biology, communication and media sciences, although we are happy to accommodate new academic fields and research approaches.


Trivent Publishing was created by people in the Academia for the people in the Academia with the purpose of facilitating knowledge dissemination in the benefit of academics. This is why we encourage open access publications in order to best suit the purposes of today’s scholarship and to make knowledge available worldwide. 


Trivent Publishing offers assistance throughout the entire editorial process. We assist editors and authors starting from their proposal; the first call for papers; individual communication and assistance to all authors of collective volumes; review process management; graphic design; and production. We strive to publish as quickly as possible, within 6 to 12 months, depending on the reviewing process, the submission of the final material, and the type of publication.