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Complaint Policy and Contact

This procedure applies to complaints about the policies, procedures, and actions of Trivent Publishing’s editorial staff. We welcome complaints as they provide an opportunity for improvement.Complaints should be sent to

A complaint should not be made based on a simple disagreement with a decision we made or something we published. A complaint should be made when one feels that a severe misjudgment or a failure of process occurred (a long delay, a rude response, etc.).

Complaints will be acknowledged within three working days and a full response will be given within four weeks. If a full response cannot be given within four weeks, an interim response will substitute it until the final response.

All complaints sent to the email provided will be directed towards the editor who was/is responsible with the issue under discussion. Should his/her response leave the complainant unhappy, the complaint will be forwarded to the series editor. Should the series editor’s answer also be unsatisfying, it will be further on directed to the publisher whose decision will be final.

If the complainant has exhausted all internal processes and is still unhappy he or she can complain to the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) which will consider complaints against editors once a publisher’s internal procedures have been exhausted.

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