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Reviewing Process

We make sure that the material we receive is peer reviewed. Prior to publication, our manuscripts go through a rigorous double blind peer review process through our own reviewing system: the ReviewSlot™.

The ReviewSlot is an easy to use peer review system. Its purpose is to offer its users a clear and fast paper management process, while solely using double blind peer review in order to support academic impartiality.

The ReviewSlot helps editors, authors, and reviewers to manage their publications. The following features are supported by ReviewSlot:

- Paper submission

- Editor, author, and reviewer registration

- Review committee management

- Easy access to submitted papers for editors

- Double blind peer review

- Submission of reviews

- Detailed review process

- Monitoring the review process

- Email management for authors, reviewers, and editors

- Submission of final papers

In order to assure the correctness of the reviewing process, we ask our reviewers to agree to the COPE Ethical Guidelines for Peer Reviewers. If you wish to become one of our peer reviewers please fill in the New Reviewer Form and send it to us at

Reviewing Process

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