Advances in Cell Signaling and Diseases 

   Edited by Luciana Zischler and Andrei A. Constantinescu

Advances in the History of Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion

   Edited by Fabrizio Conti

Applied Ethics: from Bioethics to Environmental Ethics

   Edited by János I. Tóth

Archaeology of Crime

   Publisher: Andreas Wilmes 

Barbarian Conversion in the Medieval Baltic and Beyond (c. 900-1400)

   Edited by Mihai Dragnea and Kristin Skottki

Criminal Justice and Philosophy

   Edited by M. Blake Wilson

Cultures and Heritages 

   Edited by Marcell Sebők

Engineering and Industry

   Edited by Bálint Németh

History and Art

   Edited by Gerhard Jaritz and Monica Ann Walker Vadillo

Picturing the Middle Ages and Early Modernity

   Edited by Andrea-Bianka Znorovszky

Philosophy, Communication, Media Sciences

   Edited by Claudiu Mesaros

Polemos kai Stasis - Philosophy and Violence

   Edited by Geroge Dunn

Rewriting Equestrian History

   Edited by Anastasija Ropa and Timothy Dawson

Sylloge - Library of Late Antique and Byzantine Studies

   Edited by Mihail Mitrea and Anna Lampadaridi

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