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Advances in the History of Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion

   Edited by Fabrizio Conti

Applied Ethics: from Bioethics to Environmental Ethics

   Edited by János I. Tóth

Archaeology of Crime

   Publisher: Andreas Wilmes 

Canon Law: New Perspectives on the Law of the Church in Medieval Society

   Edited by Federica Boldrini 

Criminal Justice and Philosophy

   Edited by M. Blake Wilson

Cultures and Heritages 

   Edited by Marcell Sebők

Eastern European Visual Culture and Byzantium (13th - 17th c.)

   Edited by Alice Isabella Sullivan and Maria Alessia Rossi

Environmental History

   Edited by Polina Ignatova and András Vadas 

Ethics and Robotics

   Edited by Steven Umbrello

Engineering and Industry

   Edited by Bálint Németh

Exploring Sustainability and the Effectiveness of its Legal Countours

   Edited by Sarah Sargent

Gender in the Middle Ages

   Edited by Michelle M. Sauer

History and Art

   Edited by Gerhard Jaritz and Monica Ann Walker Vadillo

History and Archaeology of South-Eastern Europe. From the Roman Period to the French Revolution

   Edited by Suzana Miljan and Ljubica Perinić

International Perspectives on Gender-based Violence

   Edited by Bianca Fileborn and Rachel Loney-Howes


   Edited by Karl Christian Alvestad

Mediterranean Studies in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages

   Edited by Damien Kempf

Philosophy, Communication, Media Sciences

   Edited by Claudiu Mesaros, Maria Micle

Perspectives in Bioethics

   Edited by Assya Pascalev

Polemos kai Stasis - Philosophy and Violence

   Edited by Geroge Dunn

Religion and War in the Middle Ages

   Edited by Radosław Kotecki and Jacek Maciejewski

- Studies in the Carolingian World

   Edited by Matthew Bryan Gillis

Rewriting Equestrian History

   Edited by Anastasija Ropa and Timothy Dawson

Studies in Anthropology and Transhumanist Philosophy

   Edited by Natasha Beranek

Studies in Pre-Modern Arab History and East-West Encounters

   Edited by Ahmed M. A. Sheir and Amar S. Baadj 

- Library of Late Antique and Byzantine Studies

   Edited by Mihail Mitrea and Anna Lampadaridi

Transhumanism and Theology

   Edited by Benedikt Paul Göcke

Via Archaeologica

   Edited by Rena Maguire

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By Anastasija Ropa 

ISBN 978-615-81222-4-5                                           Paperback, €20.00

eISBN 978-615-81222-5-2                                         Hardcover, €55.00

DOI: 10.22618/TP.REH.20191                                    eBook, €20.00

In colour, 102 pp.

Published: April, 2019

 You can read part of this book in open access.


The figure of a knight on horseback is the emblem of medieval chivalry. Much has been written on the ideology and practicalities of knighthood as portrayed in medieval romance, especially Arthurian romance, and it is surprising that so little attention was hitherto granted to the knight’s closest companion, the horse. This study examines the horse as a social indicator, as the knight’s animal alter ego in his spiritual peregrinations and earthly adventures, the ups and downs of chivalric adventure, as well as the relations between the lady and her palfrey in romance. Both medieval authors and their audiences knew more about the symbolism and practice of horsemanship than most readers do today. By providing the background to the descriptions of horses and horsemanship in Arthurian romance, this study deepens the readers’ appreciation of these texts. At the same time, critical reading of romance supplies information about the ideology and daily practice of horsemanship in the Middle Ages that is otherwise impossible to obtain from other sources, be it archaeology, chronicles or administrative documentation.

Price €55.00

The Prester John...

Ahmed M. A. Sheir

ISBN 978-615-6405-27-2                                           Paperback, €46.00

ISBN 978-615-6405-28-9                                           Hardcover, €134.00

eISBN 978-615-6405-29-6                                          eBook, €134.00

For any unavailable copies on our website, please refer to our distributors: ISD LLC for North and South America and EUROSPAN for Europe and the rest of the world.

Price €134.00

Civilizations of...

Edited by Fabrizio Conti

ISBN 978-615-81689-1-5                                 Paperback, €45.00

ISBN 978-615-6405-11-1                                 Hardcover, €145.00

eISBN 978-615-81689-8-4                                eBook, €45.00

DOI: 10.22618/TP.HMWR.20201

Volume 1 (November 2020)

In colour, pp. 383

 Parts of this book can be read in open access.

Price €145.00

The Tarragona...

The Tarragona Vortex

Volume 1. History Remembered, Revisited and Retold: Interpretations across the Millennia

Lawrence J. McCrank

Publication date: September, 2022

Pages: 1.159, colour

ISBN 978-615-6405-30-2                                Paperback, €110.00

ISBN 978-615-6405-47-0                                Hardcover, €198.00

eISBN 978-615-6405-54-8                              eBook, €110.00

Printed copies will be available from November 2022. Until then, you can pre-order your paperback or eBook copy at with a 40% discount.

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Price €198.00

Same Bodies,...

Edited by Christopher Mielke and Andrea-Bianka Znorovszky

ISBN 978-615-81222-2-1                                           Paperback, €30.00

eISBN 978-615-81222-3-8                                         Hardcover, €99.00

DOI: 10.22618/TP.HAA.20192                                   eBook, €30.00

Published: March, 2019

In colour, pp. 223

 You can read this book in open access


This volume is a collection of essays focusing on marginalized women mostly in Central and Eastern Europe from around 1350 to 1650. “Other” women are discussed in three different categories: women whose religious practices put them on the social margins, “common women” who are in society but not of society because they are in the sex trade, and women whose occupations were reason enough to shunt them. In order to fill a gap in gender history for countries east of the Rhine River, the studies included present how official city-funded brothels in medieval Austria worked, how a princess’ disability affected her life as Byzantine empress, how one unmarried Transylvanian woman who got pregnant dealt with being the center of a court case, and how enslaved women in medieval Hungary were treated as sexual property. The hope with this volume is that it will show the many interdisciplinary ways that women on the margins can be studied in this region, and to diminish the taboo of discussing this topic to begin with.

Price €99.00

Nemo non metuit:...

Edited by Elizabeth Ann Pollard and Fabrizio Conti

Publication date: October, 2022

Pages: 554, colour

ISBN 978-615-6405-44-9                                Paperback, €63.00

ISBN 978-615-6405-43-2                                Hardcover, €147.00

eISBN 978-615-6405-42-5                              eBook, €147.00

Printed copies will be available from mid-November 2022. Until then, you can pre-order your paperback or eBook copy at with a 30% discount.

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Price €147.00

Constructions of...

Edited by Andrea-Bianka Znorovszky

ISBN 978-615-80996-8-4                                           Paperback, €27.00

eISBN 978-615-80996-9-1                                         Hardcover, €89.00

DOI: 10.22618/TP.HAA.20181                                    eBook, €27.00

Vol. 1, November, 2018

In colour, pages 1-154

 You can read this book in open access.


Set Me as a Seal Upon Thy Heart: Constructions of Female Sanctity in Late Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the Early Modern Period is a collection of essays focusing on saintly women’s representations both in Eastern and Western Christianity starting from Late Antiquity to the High Middle Ages and Early Modernity. The volume discusses two different categories in relation to the conceptualization of female sanctity: the context of their construction in hagiographic sources and the emergent power rendered by their martyrdoms. It offers a transdisciplinary perspective on the present research carried out in the fields of hagiography, history, and art history.

Price €89.00

The Liminal...

Rena Maguire and Anastasija Ropa (editors)

ISBN 978-615-81821-5-7 (paperback)                                           Paperback, €41.00

ISBN 978-615-81821-7-1 (hardcover)                                            Hardcover, €93.00

eISBN 978-615-81821-6-4 (eBook)                                                eBook, €41.00

October 2021

In colour, pp. 316


The historical horse is at once material and abstract, as is the notion of the border. Borders and frontiers are not only markers delineating geographical spaces but also mental constructs: there are borders between order and disorder, between what is permitted and what is prohibited. Boundaries and liminal spaces also exist in the material, economic, political, moral, legal and religious spheres. In this volume, the contributing authors explore the theme of the liminality of the horse in all of these historical arenas, asking how does one reconcile the very different roles played by the horse in human history?

Price €93.00


Edited by Anastasija Ropa and Timothy Dawson

Publication date: November, 2022

Pages: 311, colour

ISBN 978-615-6405-60-9                                Paperback, €45.00

ISBN 978-615-6405-61-6                                Hardcover, €99.00

eISBN 978-615-6405-62-3                              eBook, €99.00

Printed copies will be available from mid-December 2022. Until then, you can pre-order your paperback or eBook copy at with a 30% discount.

For any unavailable copies on our website, please refer to our distributors: ISD LLC for North and South America and EUROSPAN for Europe and the rest of the world.

Price €99.00

Heading Towards...

Edited by Miroslav Radenković

ISBN 978-615-81821-1-9                                            Paperback, €44.00

eISBN 978-615-81821-2-6                                          Hardcover, €110.00

DOI: 10.22618/TP.AEBIO.20214                                 eBook, €44.00

Volume 4 (June 2021)

pp. 231


Bioethics has become an important part of everyday dynamics, encompassing both clinical and research ethics. This edited collection aims to challenge some critical cornerstones of today’s contemporary bioethical concerns and issues. The individual chapters were prepared by esteemed scholars with international background in their specialties. Nowadays technological revolution is reaching a whole new level, continuously challenging us to define what is human. Keeping this in mind, the authors provided comprehensive and thoughtful views on different bioethical issues, including cultural and social influences on contemporary bioethics, posthumanism and transhumanism, death, the critical importance of informed consent, prenatal genetic testing, gene and cell therapy, mandatory vaccinations, cannabis use, antidoping concerns, treatment of rare diseases and pain management, and finally educational and legislative lines of reasoning.

This book is available in open access. 

Price €110.00


Edited by Maria Micle and Gheorghe Clitan

ISBN 978-615-81689-4-6                                           Paperback, €25.00            

eISBN 978-615-81793-6-2                                         Hardcover, €75.00

DOI: 10.22618/TP.PCMS.20216                                   eBook, €25.00

Volume 6 (February 2021)

pp. 360


The multiple facets of this volume belong to five large themes. The first theme, that of persuasion and manipulation, is studied here through electoral campaigns (i.e., mental filters used in voting manipulation, the mechanisms of vote mobilisation, manipulation and storytelling models). The institutionalization of education represents the second theme, approached here through specific interdisciplinary instruments: the intersection of higher education with public learning, the answers of the knowledge society to the issues of contemporary work problems, the institutional relationships used to solve educational problems specific to childhood and adolescence, as well as the role of media competencies in professional development. The third theme is related to the inheritance and transmission of cultural identity, instrumentalized through issues such as: the duty of intergenerational justice with regard to cultural heritage, education and vocational training in library science, the social inclusion role of public and digital libraries. The collective and cultural identity of communities represents the fourth large theme, being approached through a triple perspective: the philosophical background of restoring the political dignity of communities, the communication space as a point of a needle towards the community space, and the communicational issue of the European capital of culture programmes. Lastly, the fifth theme belongs to practical and applied philosophy, specifically philosophical counselling, debating issues such as: the identification of the communicational background for this type of counselling, the secular approach to the problem of evil from a philosophical counselling perspective, the discussion of Platon’s attitude towards suicide and of frank speech in the Epicurean school, the socio-anthropological perspective of immortality, as well as the formal approach of the relationship between real and imaginary.

This book is available in open access. 

Price €75.00

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