Trivent Ethics in Science & Technology

Trivent Ethics in Science & Technology

HEAD OF IMPRINT: Anto Čartolovni,

TRIVENT Ethics in Science & Technology (TEST) intends to provide a profound insight into the ethical issues and underlying problems in research and innovation. It includes book series covering the wide range of areas from applied philosophy to ethics and bioethics. TEST will place a special emphasis on the ethics of new technologies such as digital technologies (AI, Big data) and bioengineering technologies (Gene editing, CRISPR). Besides the ethical issues related to new technologies, TEST would also confront ethical and social issues related to the environment, climate change, and issues related to research integrity.  It will also deeply investigate the philosophical and cultural approaches related to the discoveries of new technologies, posthumanism, and transhumanism. Therefore, TEST will try to bring an adequate analysis of the ethical, legal and social issues of innovative scientific and technological discoveries.


Applied Ethics: From Bioethics to Environmental Ethics
Series editor: János I. Tóth (University of Szeged)

Perspectives in Bioethics
Series editor: Assya Pascalev (Howard University; Bulgarian Center for Bioethics)

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