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The Best Romanian...

Ed. Ovidiu NICOLESCU, Constantin OPREAN, Mihail Aurel ŢÎŢU

ISBN 978-615-80996-2-2 (print)
ISBN 978-615-80996-3-9 (eBook)

May 2018
Pages:  I-162

Modern management is represented by global management with a modern interdisciplinary approach which allows no ambiguities. Today, there is a need of managers who are capable to appreciate the values of society based on knowledge. The solution is quality management based on clear procedures to recognize moral and professional competences. The type of management practiced in teams brings a plus of professional value and offers a sustainable development. Competent and well-trained professionals can take this solution to success on both short and long term. This book brings together management studies worthy of following. Quality represents the road to success, while performance and intellectual property is the path to sustainable competitive advantage.

Prof. Eng. & Ec. Mihail Aurel ȚÎȚU, Sc.D. & Ph.D., Dr. Habil.

Price €19.00

The Best Romanian...

Edited by Ovidiu NICOLESCU, Constantin OPREAN, Aurel- Mihail ŢÎŢU

ISBN 978-615-81353-4-4 (print)

ISBN 978-615-81353-5-1 (online)

January 2020

Pages:  I-162


The only inexhaustible resource whose development trend is positive is knowledge. This extraordinary capital, which represents the legacy of the effort and creative work of both the past and present generations, has made specialists from all over the world unanimously agree that we live in a knowledge-based society. Such a society can only be built with knowledge-based organizations. Global management must have a modern approach with no ambiguity. The correct solution for this is a management based on applicable procedures for recognizing people’s moral and professional competences. Competent and well-trained people are the only ones who can provide the right solution for the success of the organization. This volume collects engaging management studies from various fields of management. 

Price €24.00

Britain Revealed

Britain Revealed: Innovators, Fighters, Royals, Writers, Pub-goers and More

Diana Cordea

ISBN 978-615-81689-5-3                                           Paperback, €15.00

eISBN 978-615-81793-8-6                                         Hardcover, €69.00

                                                                                      eBook, €15.00

January, 2021

In colour, pp. 270

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Why do Brits call their flag a “Jack”? How did the leek become a symbol of Wales? Does the Tube run 24/7? Who was the Widow of Windsor? Can you take part in a coronation? What was a Greenwood marriage? Was the Giant’s Causeway built by an Irish giant? Which British literary figures won the Nobel Prize for Literature? How can you register a record in the Guinness Book of Records? What is the emergency phone number in the UK?

Providing well-organised material on the UK’s history, geography, literature, royalty and society, Diana Cordea’s "BRITAIN REVEALED" is a condensed and easy to read book about all things British. It is an excellent user-friendly reference for prospective visitors to the UK, Anglophiles, or readers wishing to know and understand popular British culture. 

Most importantly, "BRITAIN REVEALED" is aimed at teachers of English as a foreign language, who wish to make their English and optional classes more exciting. The plethora of information provided in this comprehensive teaching aid can be adapted to various levels of language proficiency and can be used in various classroom activities. Focusing on essential questions concerning British culture and civilisation, this volume is also attractive to learners, who will thus have the opportunity of brushing up on their English in a versatile and practical way.  

Price €69.00

The Religious...

Jill Mitchell

ISBN 978-615-81689-6-0                                           Paperback, €45.00

eISBN 978-615-81793-7-9                                         Hardcover, €119.00

                                                                                     eBook, €45.00

March 2021                                                               

In colour, pp. 351


“The Religious World of Quintus Aurelius Symmachus” examines the religious life of one of the last pagan senators of Rome, dates c. 340-402, who lived in a tumultuous time during the Late Antique period of the Roman Empire, dying just a few years before the Western Empire began to break up. Symmachus could not have imagined the political reality developing so soon after his death, so he is important as a late example of the old Roman Western aristocracy, as well as one of the last pagans of Rome. He was regarded as the foremost orator of his time and was a prolific letter-writer who had correspondents in high places and throughout the Empire. He also filled the posts of Urban Prefect of Rome and Consul - and was the opponent of Bishop Ambrose of Milan during the so-called 384 CE “Altar of Victory Dispute,” which was one episode of many leading to the “ triumph” of Christianity over traditional Roman polytheism. Symmachus’ cache of 900 private letters and his official despatches while Urban Prefect have provided the raw material for this book. 

Price €119.00

The Best Romanian...

Edited by Ovidiu Nicolescu, Constantin Oprean, Aurel-Mihail Ţîţu

ISBN 978-615-6405-22-7 

eISBN 978-615-6405-23-4

DOI: 10.22618/TP.LIB.BRMS2021

Published November 2021

Paperback and eBook, pp. 299


International perspectives are focused on knowledge-based economy, organization and management. Knowledge is and will remain an inexhaustible source of development on all levels. The SARS-CoV2 pandemic has shown that only science can solve current and future problems, while knowledge is the only thing that can lead to a reasonable and acceptable end for all parties involved. Past, present and future knowledge can help humanity overcome any impasse, thus a knowledge-based society can only be built on knowledge-based management. Quality and the concepts associated with it are the only way to implement meritocracy and total quality management. The correct solution is based on the application of correctly prepared procedures that aim at both the concepts of an organization that learns and at client obsession. Well-trained specialists in their field can offer correct and timely solutions to existing problems, which is also perfectly valid during the SARS-CoV2 pandemic. 

This volume offers a broad, complex and complete view of these issues (and not only). These fundamental ideas find their explanations within this volume which is addressed to managers on all levels, specialists in the field, but also to students in management schools. 

 This book is fully available in open access.

Price €24.00

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