Trivent Publishing, H-1119 Budapest, Etele u. 59-61

Publisher: Teodora C. Artimon


Marcell Sebők (Central European University, Budapest),


The book series aims at inviting and offering works which use the conceptual and interdisciplinary frameworks of cultural studies, or are informed by fields of research in heritage studies. It views cultures not as stable and bounded entities, but rather as constantly changing and interacting sets of practices and processes. The series welcomes studies that engaged with studying historical memory, cultures of remembrance and oblivion, the construction of intangible cultural heritage, the cultural and political processes of construing the historical past (such as medievalism), or presenting social and heritage institutions (museums, archives and libraries) - their theoretical basis and acts - in shaping notions of culture. The series also encourages to submit works on documenting heritage practices coming from the in-between fields of traditional heritage institutions, such as community and public histories, processed oral histories, and new approaches to the recently generated big (historical) data.