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History and Art

Trivent Publishing, H-1119 Budapest, Etele u. 59-61

Responsible publisher: Teodora C. Artimon

ISSN 2631-0562 (print)

ISSN 2631-0600 (online)
DOI number: 10.22618/TP.HAA


Gerhard Jaritz (Central European University, Budapest),

Monica Ann Walker Vadillo (University of Oxford), 


Nikoloz Aleksidze, University of Oxford

Fabrizio Conti, John Cabot University

Wojciech Kozłowski, Maria Grzegorzewska University, Warsaw

Stanislava Kuzmova, The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities, University of Oxford

Serban V. Marin, Romanian National Archives

Adriano Messias, Autonomous University of Barcelona

Christopher Mielke, Al-Quds Bard College of Arts and Sciences

Suzana Miljan, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Sergiu Musteata, Ion Creangă Pedagogical State University

Cosmin Popa-Gorjanu, "1 Decembrie 1918" University of Alba Iulia

Boris Stojkovski, University of Novi Sad


The aim of this series is to advance the knowledge and understanding of the history and art of Europe during the period between the fourth and the sixteenth centuries and its connection to the artistic enterprises that were determined by geography, religion, socio-political, and economic circumstances. This series also focuses on issues of gender, the construction of identity, and the important role that visual culture played for the transmission of these ideas. In addition, it interrogates and analyses the influence of the medieval in subsequent periods, demonstrating the modernity of the Middle Ages even today. Although this series will concentrate on Europe, it welcomes other global perspectives and comparative points of view.


Emotions on the Fringes, edited by Felix Lummer

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History and Art

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Same Bodies,...

Edited by Christopher Mielke and Andrea-Bianka Znorovszky

ISBN 978-615-81222-2-1                                           Paperback, €30.00

eISBN 978-615-81222-3-8                                         Hardcover, €99.00

DOI: 10.22618/TP.HAA.20192                                   eBook, €30.00

Published: March, 2019

In colour, pp. 223

 You can read this book in open access


This volume is a collection of essays focusing on marginalized women mostly in Central and Eastern Europe from around 1350 to 1650. “Other” women are discussed in three different categories: women whose religious practices put them on the social margins, “common women” who are in society but not of society because they are in the sex trade, and women whose occupations were reason enough to shunt them. In order to fill a gap in gender history for countries east of the Rhine River, the studies included present how official city-funded brothels in medieval Austria worked, how a princess’ disability affected her life as Byzantine empress, how one unmarried Transylvanian woman who got pregnant dealt with being the center of a court case, and how enslaved women in medieval Hungary were treated as sexual property. The hope with this volume is that it will show the many interdisciplinary ways that women on the margins can be studied in this region, and to diminish the taboo of discussing this topic to begin with.

Price €99.00

Constructions of...

Edited by Andrea-Bianka Znorovszky

ISBN 978-615-80996-8-4                                           Paperback, €27.00

eISBN 978-615-80996-9-1                                         Hardcover, €89.00

DOI: 10.22618/TP.HAA.20181                                    eBook, €27.00

Vol. 1, November, 2018

In colour, pages 1-154

 You can read this book in open access.


Set Me as a Seal Upon Thy Heart: Constructions of Female Sanctity in Late Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the Early Modern Period is a collection of essays focusing on saintly women’s representations both in Eastern and Western Christianity starting from Late Antiquity to the High Middle Ages and Early Modernity. The volume discusses two different categories in relation to the conceptualization of female sanctity: the context of their construction in hagiographic sources and the emergent power rendered by their martyrdoms. It offers a transdisciplinary perspective on the present research carried out in the fields of hagiography, history, and art history.

Price €89.00

The Beauty is in...


Edited by Judit Majorossy, Katalin Szende, Suzana Miljan, Teodora C. Artimon

ISBN 978-615-81353-3-7

DOI: 10.22618/TP.HAA.20194

Volume 4 (November 2019)

Paperback, pp. 343

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This volume offers a cross-section of English-language articles published by the Austrian medievalist Gerhard Jaritz in the last 35 years. The eighteen articles comprise a refreshing variety of topics and approaches to medieval humans, animals, and things, organized in five thematic units: Mentality, Human Behaviour, Emotions; Social Order; Minorities and Marginal Groups; Animals and Other Creatures; and Objects. All these reflect his engagement with the issues of everyday life at its broadest and best. The reader of these articles, irrespective of knowing Prof. Jaritz from before or not, feels personally invited into the workshop of a meticulously creative mind, a profoundly professional historian who at the same time is also always ready to transgress traditional boundaries and conventions.

Ambiguous Women...

Edited by Mónica Ann Walker Vadillo

ISBN 978-615-81222-0-7                                            Paperback, €28.00

eISBN 978-615-81222-1-4                                          Hardcover, €99.00

DOI: 10.22618/TP.HAA.20193                                    eBook, €28.00

March, 2019

In colour, pp. 221

 You can read this book in open access.


Ambiguous Women in Medieval Art brings together the work of seven researchers who, coming from different perspectives, and in some cases different disciplines, approach the question of ambiguity in relation to different case-studies where the represented women do not follow the ever-present dichotomy exemplified by Eve and Mary. In doing so, they demonstrate the complexities of a topic that is as contemporary as it is ancient. Through them, we can get valuable insights on the understanding and experience of gender in the past and the ways in which these experiences have shaped our own understanding of this topic.

Price €99.00

“Past Perfect!” -...

Edited by Christopher Mielke, Stephen Pow, and Tamás Kiss

ISBN 978-615-81353-7-5                                           Paperback, €28.00

eISBN 978-615-81793-2-4                                         Hardcover, €95.00

DOI: 10.22618/TP.HAA.20205                                   eBook, €28.00

Volume 5 (April 2020)

In colour, pp. 306


In 2012, CEU Medieval Radio was launched as an effort not only to bring medieval music to everyone but also to make complex, high-quality scholarship more approachable to the general public. Over seventy interviews were recorded for CEU Medieval Radio's program "Past Perfect!" with the intent of bridging the gap between "ivory tower" academia and the listeners at home. In this volume, sixteen first-rate scholars kindly sat down before the microphone and got the chance to explain their work in a friendly and accessible way. Scholars like Natalie Zemon-Davis and Patrick Geary represent some of the international guests, János Bak and József Laszlovszky discuss amazing new research from Central European University, while Richard Unger and Benedek Láng are part of the CEU Medieval Radio team's personal favorites, talking about topics such as beer, queens, and code-breaking. From Apocalypses to Zooarchaeology, CEU Medieval Radio's long time host, Christopher Mielke, asks the tough questions that have made this program so memorable!

You can download some of the contents of this book in open access.

Price €95.00

Medieval Humour....

Edited by Kleio Pethainou

Publication date: March, 2023

Pages: 166, colour

History and Art, vol. 6

ISBN 978-615-6405-69-2                Paperback, €42.00

ISBN 978-615-6405-70-8                Hardcover, €74.00

eISBN 978-615-6405-71-5               eBook, €74.00

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Price €74.00

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