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Cheiron: The International Journal of Equine and Equestrian History


Trivent Publishing, H-1119 Budapest, Etele u. 59-61

Publisher: Teodora C. Artimon

DOI: 10.22618/TP.CHEIRON 

ISSN 2786-3182

Scope: equestrian studies, equine history, archaeology, anthropology, social sciences, animal studies,

art history, sport studies, social sciences, interspecies communication, veterinary history

Editors-in-Chief: Anastasija Ropa (, Miriam A. Bibby (

Co-publisher: Latvian Academy of Sport Education

Publication dates: bi-annually (February and September)        

Responsible Publisher: Teodora C. Artimon



Volume 1, Issue 1/2021


Cheiron: The International Journal of Equine and Equestrian History is a biannual journal facilitating a debate in equine and equestrian studies across chronological periods and disciplines. The journal welcomes contributions from many fields, including, but not limited to, archaeology, anthropology, social sciences, animal studies, art history, interspecies communication, and veterinary history.

The journal is double-blind peer-reviewed and is published in February and September.

We publish thematic issues, the subject of which are announced in advance in a call for papers for the issue. Besides, open sections/issues of the journal provide a place for general discussion of the history of equines and horsemanship. 

Cheiron accepts submissions throughout the year on subjects related to the scope of the journal (non-binding to special issues): the history of horses and other equines, equestrian sports, equines and equestrianism in art, horse management, breeding and preservation of endangered breeds, tack and equipment, ethical issues, and others.



Anastasija Ropa, Latvian Academy of Sport Education

Miriam A. Bibby, University of Glasgow


Peter Edwards, Emeritus Professor of Early Modern British Social History at the University of Roehampton


Gail Brownrigg, independent researcher

John Clark, Museum of London

Katherine S. Kanne, University of Exeter

Frédéric Magnin, Institut Méditerranéen de Biodiversité et d’Ecologie marine et continentale (IMBE), Aix Marseille Université & CNRS

Rena Maguire, Queens University Belfast, Dept Archaeology and Palaeoecology

Laine Orbidane, Latvia University of Life Science and Technologies; Latvian Horse Breeders Association

Ian Shaw, University of Liverpool; IHAC, Northeast Normal University, Changchun 

William Taylor, University of Colorado Boulder


Gail Brownrigg, independent researcher


Neleigh Olson, University of Louisville


Lonneke Delpeut

For details concerning the calendar regarding equine-related events, please contact Lonneke at


Cheiron double-blind peer reviews all material it receives. Once an article is submitted, it is initially received by the editors-in-chief (and the guest editor, in case of a special issue). In order to make a decision, the editors-in-chief (or guest editor) will send the manuscript for parallel approval to two external reviewers specialized in the subject of the manuscript. Reviewers are asked to declare any competing interests on any manuscripts we send to them. Reviewers then advise the editors, who make the final decision on the acceptance of the article. After acceptance and the submission of the updated manuscript following the reviewers’ comments, the article is checked for review compliance, after which it goes into publication. 


The authors can find below the template for Cheiron and the information on formatting and content:

Cheiron Template


In order to assure high-standard publications, the selection process is based on scientific value which is why the peer review process stands at the core of the journal’s publishing process.

  • The duties of the reviewers include the contribution to the editorial decision, objectivity, confidentiality, promptness, attention to and checking for plagiarism, disclosure and attention to conflicts of interest.
  • The duties of the editors-in-chief and guest editors include the final decision on publication, fair play, confidentiality, involvement and cooperation in investigations, disclosure and attention to conflicts of interest.
  • Author duties include meeting academic standards, seeking originality, acknowledgment of sources, avoidance of plagiarism, multiple or redundant publication, attention to errors in published works.


Before we can publish a journal article, we need a signed licence to publish. Cheiron is published in Gold Open Access with no article processing charges. 

In order that we have the necessary rights to publish your article, we ask you to grant us a non-exclusive licence to publish. We do not ask you to transfer your copyright to us. A non-exclusive licence means that the rights needed to publish the paper are granted to the publisher on a non-exclusive basis and the ownership of the copyright remains unchanged. 

In open access, there is a fundamental principle that content should not only be accessible but also be freely reusable for the good of research and humanity. We comply with this principle by asking you to select, within your form, a Creative Commons licence. The CC licence you choose will determine how readers can use your article.

Please download the form here.


Cheiron is a gold open access journal. Under Gold Open Access, the author of an article chooses under which Creative Commons license they wish to publish (see the author publishing agreement above). Publishing under a Creative Commons license enables anyone to access and redistribute the content and, depending upon the license, re-use the content in new or derivative works with attribution. The terms of re-use for Gold Open Access content are stated in the copyright line of the article.


Cheiron is published in open access and has no publication charges.

                                                               This journal is co-published by the Latvian Academy of Sport Education


Cheiron: The International Journal of Equine and Equestrian History

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Cheiron: The...

ISSN 2786-3182 

Editors-in-Chief: Anastasija Ropa, Miriam A. Bibby 

Guest Editor: Katherine S. Kanne 

Vol.  1 (Issue 1/2021, November)

Pages 1-239

DOI: 10.22618/TP.Cheiron.20211.1

About this issue

Trivent Publishing is delighted to announce the publication of the first issue of Cheiron: the International Journal of Equine and Equestrian History.  The history of horses and horsemanship has fascinated scholars for decades, but this is the first academic journal dedicated to the history of this magnificent animal - the only non-human animal athlete granted participation in the Olympic Games - and its interactions with humankind. In this first issue, we look at the historiography of equine and equestrian studies, with contributions that reflect the vibrant research environment that encompasses equine history, archaeology and social sciences today.

 You can read this issue in open access

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