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Ethics and Robotics

Trivent Publishing, H-1119 Budapest, Etele u. 59-61

ISSN 2939-5992

Imprint: Trivent Transhumanism

Imprint head: Stefan Lorenz Sorgner, John Cabot University


Steven Umbrello, Delft University of Technology, 


Maurizio Balistreri, University of Turin 

Mark Coeckelbergh, University of Vienna

Kate Darling, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Maurizio Ferraris, University of Turin

Joshua Gellers, University of North Florida

Anne Gerdes, University of Southern Denmark

David Gunkel, Northern Illinois University

Simone Natale, University of Turin

Alberto Pirni, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies

Filippo Santoni De Sio, Delft University of Technology

Henrik Skaug Sætra, University of Oslo

Beth Singler, Homerton College, University of Cambridge

Aimee van Wynsberghe, University of Bonn

Roman Yampolskiy, University of Louisville 


This series explores the ethical challenges, nuances, and potential ways forward concerning robotics and autonomous systems. This series covers a broad range of approaches to tackle these ethical issues including, but not limited to, analytic and continental philosophies, STS, and design. The goal of this series if not only to uncover the crucial questions that emerge as a consequence of robotics and autonomous systems, but provide tools and the means to tackle them head on. 


Designed for Death: Controlling Killer Robots, by Steven Umbrello (July 2022)

Sex Robots: Love in the Age of Machines, by Maurizio Balistreri (August 2022)


Joshua Smith, On Violent Technologies: A Theological and Philosophical Investigation (2023)

Ethics and Robotics

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Designed for...

Steven Umbrello

ISBN 978-615-6405-37-1                                           Paperback, €44.00

ISBN 978-615-6405-36-4                                         Hardcover, €97.00

eISBN 978-615-6405-38-8                                       eBook, €97.00

For any unavailable copies on our website, please refer to our distributors: ISD LLC for North and South America and EUROSPAN for Europe and the rest of the world.

Price €97.00

Sex Robots: Love...

Maurizio Balistreri

trans. Steven Umbrello

ISBN 978-615-6405-40-1                                          Paperback, €37.00

ISBN 978-615-6405-39-5                                         Hardcover, €74.00

eISBN 978-615-6405-41-8                                        eBook, €74.00

For any unavailable copies on our website, please refer to our distributors: ISD LLC for North and South America and EUROSPAN for Europe and the rest of the world.

Price €74.00

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