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Anthropology & Transhumanist Philosophy


Trivent Publishing, H-1119 Budapest, Etele u. 59-61

Imprint: Trivent Transhumanism


Natasha Beranek, Sinclair Community College,


In the 21st century, we are surrounded by epistemic fissures revealing radically new ways of thinking about nature, technology, and humans. This series explores the questions emerging out of these fissures, namely those that are of mutual relevance to both anthropology and transhumanist philosophy. 

Anthropology, the study of what it means to be human in its sociocultural, material, biological, and linguistic dimensions, is a discipline borne from the Enlightenment, a point in western conceptual history when the notion of a generic “humanity” (and humanist philosophies) took form. 

Transhumansim – here defined as a philosophically-informed positive attitude towards the use of innovative digital, cyborg, and gene technologies for the promotion of our collective survival and individual fruition – shares in common with anthropology a naturalist notion of humanity and a broadly affirmative approach towards a diverse plurality of life-ways. 

However, while transhumanists are uniquely interested in exploring technologies that are the most promising for increasing the likelihood of the “posthuman” to emerge, anthropologists are only just  beginning to consider that some of the taken-for-granted and defining characteristics of our species (e.g. language, creativity, consciousness) are undergoing a paradigm shift of unprecedented magnitude. 

We therefore seek to publish original scholarship that honors the classic anthropological endeavor of “making the familiar strange and the strange familiar” through the study of global human diversity.  At the same time, we are interested in studies that embrace the reality that anthropology’s subject and object of inquiry – the human – is a historically contingent concept that is passively changing (and being actively steered) in the wake of AI, machine learning, and biotechnologies.

We invite proposals for monographs, edited collections, conference proceedings and translations in English.


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Anthropology & Transhumanist Philosophy

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