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Natasha Vita-More, Center for Transhumanist Studies,

Natasha Vita-More, PhD, Ret. Professor of Innovation, Society & Ethics at UAT, is the Founder of Center for Transhumanist Studies, Distinguished Senior Fellow, Center for Future Mind at FAU, on the Scientific Advisory Board of, and guest speaker at Digital University. She authored the Transhumanist Manifesto, innovated the future body prototype "Primo Posthuman", and accomplished a scientific discovery in long-term memory of C. elegans in the field of cryobiology. She is an innovator and advocate who writes and speaks about the future, ethical enhancement, and longevity. 


Transhumanism has grown from a philosophy to a global worldview. While largely focused on the ethical use of technology and evidence-based science, the worldview explores diverse branches of knowledge concerning the human condition, including advances and risks, and becoming a more humane humanity. Today, academics has become more aware of the specific fields that transhumanists have been writing and speaking about for decades:  Longevity and human enhancement, AI, AGI and machine learning, nanotechnology and nanomedicine, bitcoin and digital money, blockchain and encryption, social issues such as human and sentience rights,  the pros and cons of all these areas as the affect social causes and the future of humanity.  Most importantly, we need to aim for accurate information and reliable sources. 

We invite proposals for monographs, edited collections, and conference proceedings on topics relevant to these issues. 

Arts and Sciences

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