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RENOVATIO - Studies in the Carolingian World. New Book Series in Trivent Medieval

We are excited to announce the launch of a new  book series within our Trivent Medieval imprint: RENOVATIO – Studies in the Carolingian World, edited by Dr. Matthew Bryan Gillis (University of Tennessee, Knoxville).

This series will explore the history of the Carolingian world (c. 700—c. 900 CE), offering fresh interpretations and perspectives about this formative period in medieval Europe. It will seek to publish studies that frame new narratives of the Carolingian past using innovative methodologies and multi-disciplinary approaches on a variety of themes, including (but not limited to): religion and spirituality; culture, literature and thought; social lives and contexts; relationships between the human and nonhuman world; and politics, war and violence. Works that reconceptualize Carolingian ideologies, subjectivities, and materialities will be welcome, as will those that investigate links between the Carolingian world and other regions or historical periods.

For more information on the series, including submission possibilities, please contact the series editor at

You can download the new series announcement here.

Trivent Medieval is a growing imprint, currently holding ten book series on varied historical subjects including art history, magic and witchcraft, Mediterranean studies, equestrian history, Byzantine history, the history of the Carolingian Empire, as well as gender, and medievalism.

Image: Stuttgart, Württembergische Landesbibliothek, Cod. bibl. folios 71v, 70r, 21v (details).

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