CFP: 21st Century Medievalisms

Inaugural volume in the book series: Medievalism @ Trivent

21st Century Medievalisms: Between the Global and Individual

Series editor: Karl Christian Alvestad, University of South-Eastern Norway,

We invite papers for the inaugural volume of our Medievalism book series, edited by Dr. Karl Christian Alvestad. The aim of this volume is to publish original research exploring contemporary medievalisms in the 21st century. We are interested in analysing different forms of medievalisms in the 21st century, as well as their audiences, communities and their relationship with identities in a globalising world. How does globalisation of entertainment industries influence the consumption and production of different forms of medievalism? How are examples of medievalism received by their intended audiences and does the reception change depending on who the intended audience is? How do group and individual identities influence the discourse around medievalisms? How does a previously local medievalism react and evolve, or not, in the meeting with globalisation? These are only a few, possible questions, which we aim to explore.

The volume is open - but not limited – to discussions concerning cultural, political and artistic medievalisms in their cultural, social, and political contexts, as well as considering specific interest groups and their use and relationship with medievalism. We are particularly interested in analysing the relationship between local and global producers, audiences, and consumers of medievalisms, as well as what this relationship does to medievalisms.


* Please note that these are tentative deadlines and extensions will be granted. We just kindly ask you to let us know of your intention to submit.

Expressions of interest via email (a tentative title + short abstract + short author bio): August 1st, 2020.

Full paper submission: November 1st, 2020.

Please submit expressions of interest to Dr. Karl Christian Alvestad at For more information, please contact Dr. Alvestad or Dr. Teodora Artimon at

You can download the Call for Papers here.

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