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Joe Sherren - Editor of the Month - May 2020

Joe Sherren is one of our copyeditors, working mostly on history-related manuscripts. He is the museum collections manager for Montpelier Historic Site in Maryland, USA. He assists in conducting historical research in support of a diverse and equitable museum interpretation at Montpelier and is in charge of the long-term preservation of antiques and archival materials. Recently he has begun working as an independent museum consultant and has also been appointed as adjunct faculty for the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park. His areas of instruction include digital archiving best practices and curation. He holds an MA in art history from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia having written his graduate thesis on transatlantic visual arts and the cultural exchange between Germany and the United States.

In the free time he has, he gardens and does uncounted free embroidery. He also enjoys researching the intersection of visual culture, social commentary, and the works of American Weird fiction author H. P Lovecraft. He hopes to present his research in this area at the bi-annual festival of Weird Fiction, Art, and Academia in 2021. He and his husband grow mainly vegetables in the yard of their historic rowhome and have been working towards only eating what they grow. Together they have a dog named Smokie who looks a lot like a very small wolf.

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