International Perspectives on Gender-based Violence

New series edited by Dr. Bianca Fileborn (University of Melbourne) and Dr. Rachel Loney-Howes (University of Wollongong)

This series aims to publish work providing innovative and critical perspectives on gender-based violence from around the world. We welcome proposals based on empirical research, as well as conceptual and theoretical work. Gender-based violence is conceptualised broadly in this series, and proposals may address iterations of this violence ranging from rape and sexual assault, genital cutting, intimate partner, relationship and family violence, sexual harassment and other ‘everyday’ intrusions, gendered homicide, hate crime, and so forth.

Please see more information on the series here, or contact the series editors at and

We invite proposals for monographs, handbooks, or edited collections on a broad range of topics relating to gender-based violence broadly defined. The editors are particularly interested in proposals across the following broad thematic areas:

• Sexual and intimate partner violence

• Technology-facilitated GBV

• Street harassment and intimate intrusion

• Geographies of GBV

• State-perpetrated GBV

• GBV in conflict and transitional states

• Queer & LGBTQ+ communities

• Justice and activist responses

• Intersectional perspectives on GBV, including but not limited to, race, class, disability, sexuality and gender

• GBV in the Global South

• Preventing GBV

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