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Storytelling and the Middle Ages

We are pleased to announce our new book series "Storytelling and the Middle Ages", edited by Kleio Pethainou (University of Edinburgh). This series examines the cultural practice of storytelling in and about the Middle Ages. It aims at advancing our understanding of the art and practice of storytelling in the global Middle Ages in different languages and media. It places particular emphasis on the combination of narration and performance, and it extends its scope to include contemporary storytelling of medieval stories and themes. Moreover, the series invites contributions researching the stories we tell today about the Middle Ages, and so welcomes perspectives on medievalism and the ways our narratives about our cultural past connect with historical reality. The series welcomes a global perspective and a comparative point of view.


We invite proposals for monographs, edited collections and conference proceedings on all subjects related to storytelling in and about the Middle Ages. Topics include but are not limited to: 

• history, tradition and practice of storytelling in the Middle Ages

• medieval storytellers, their media and methods

• transmission and reception of medieval stories

• medieval stories and contemporary audiences

• stories about the Middle Ages in contemporary narrative media, including games and gaming

• telling stories and telling histories

• storytelling  and teaching the Middle Ages. 


Please contact the series editor regarding your book proposals or any questions you might have about your publishing project. 

Kelio Pethainou,

Please see the book series' webpage here:

Image credit: William Collins, The Storyteller, 1843, Oil on Canvas, private collection

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