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Transhumanism and Educational Technologies

Transhumanism and Educational Technologies

Edited by Tamara Kamatovic (Central European University)

Technology-supported and enhanced learning is deeply embedded in the way that modern educators approach pedagogy and how new generations of teachers are trained at all levels: from kindergarten to higher education. Yet, broad perspectives on the philosophical implications of such methods, as they are discussed in transhumanist ethical debates, are not central to these approaches.

For this first volume of the new series on Transhumanism and Education from Trivent Publishing, we look more deeply at the impact of technology, enhancement, and eugenics on education. We solicit abstracts of articles, or chapters on one or more of the following topics:

  • The inheritance of Enlightenment thought in transhumanist approaches to education
  • Progressivist genealogies of material (and mental)advancement
  • Approaches and reflections — critical and uncritical — to the relationship between generative AI and (deep) learning
  • The theoretical implications of practical trainings on technology enhancement
  • Data collection and its implications for long-term learning(goals)
  • Means and methods by which transhumanist approaches can be embedded in pedagogical approaches, e.g. as they relate to course design, curricular re-design, and the organization of the disciplines more broadly. How transhumanists approach the question of “bias” in technology and education.
  • Eugenics and education
  • The effect of big data on education


Please send your abstracts & short bios (up to 300 words) by July 31 to Tamara Kamatovic at

As soon as the abstracts are accepted, authors will be informed of the full paper deadline.


The volume will be published in the book series "Transhumanism and Education".

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