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Medievalism in Russian and Ukrainian Political Discourses

Medievalism in Russian and Ukrainian Political Discourses

Edited by Anastasija Ropa


Medievalism has been a common, and hardly innocent practice, in both Russian and Ukrainian political discourse ever since the dissolution of the USSR in the 1990s. Both Russia and Ukraine have laid claims to the prominent historical figures of the Kievan/Kyivan Rus', and the recent military conflict has led to renewed interest in the history of medieval Rus'. The aim of this volume is to establish a fruitful and respectful critical dialogue of this sensitive issue among scholars coming from various cultural backgrounds with an interest in Slavic studies, medievalism and the use of medieval history in public discourse, working in all relevant disciplines.


The preferred length of article is 9-12,000 words, but shorter and longer submissions can be considered on a case-by-case basis. There is no limit on the maximum number of illustrations, as long as they are relevant to the argument made in the chapter. The expected final date for the delivery of first drafts is September 2023.

To propose an article, please send a short biography of 2-3 sentences and an abstract of 250-300 words Dr. Anastasija Ropa ( by 1 December 2022.


The volume will be published in the series "Medievalism", edited by Dr. Karl Christian Alvestad

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