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Horses in Medieval History and Folklore

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Horses in Medieval History and Folklore: Festschrift in Honour of John Clark

Edited by Anastasija Ropa and Emma Herbert-Davies


1995 is the year marked by the publication of the volume The Medieval Horse and Its Equipment, c. 1150-1450 by HMSO (Her Majesty’s Stationary Office, London), directed and in large part written by John Clark, the curator of the Museum of London. The volume was reissued in 2004 with a new introduction providing an update on research and a supplementary bibliography. Based on excavations carried out in the City of London, it was the first comprehensive work on medieval horse equipment. For many medievalists interested in horse history, the volume provided both the inspiration and the structure for building their own research projects on medieval horses and horsemanship. John Clark continued to be actively involved in medieval equine and equestrian history, attending and presenting at the horse history sessions at the International Medieval Congress in Leeds, as well as contributing an article on curb bits to The Horse in Premodern European Culture, ed. Anastasija Ropa and Timothy Dawson (2020). Behind the scenes, John has been involved in the making of the volume, the sessions and other research activities, liberally sharing his expert knowledge. It is high time to at least partially acknowledge the enormous contribution he made to the field, which is the purpose of this volume. 

We invite scholars who feel indebted to John Clark and his work on medieval and folkloric horses to contribute their work to this volume. Your work on equine and equestrianism can be related to any chronological period and geographical region, and can come from any discipline, including, and not limited to, literature, art history, folklore, legal studies, archaeology, military history, etc. The main thing is that you feel thankful to John Clark for the work he invested in horse history and want to dedicate your study to him.


For proposals, please contact the volume editors by March 15 and send them a short bio (about 50 words) accompanied by your proposal to and

FIRST DRAFTS are due by 20 December 2023.


The volume will be published in Rewriting Equestrian History series, ISSN 2676-8097.

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  • Archaeology
    By: Rinat On 03/15/2023

    Hello! We are contacting you from Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.
    I Rinat Zhumatayev and my colleague Bauyrzhan Besetayev wanted to offer our research part for a book on horses.
    Archaeological materials from Kazakhstan will be presented from us.

    Rinat Zhumatayev - PhD, Head of the Department of Archeology, Ethnology and Museology.
    The topic of the dissertation research is the horse in the worldview and rock art of the ancient population of Kazakhstan.

    Bauyrzhan Besetayev is a teacher at the Department of archeology, Ethnology and museology.
    The theme of the dissertation research is the final resolution of the ancient population of Kazakhstan.

    We will be waiting for your suggestions.
    Sincerely, Rinat

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