Trivent's Editor of the Month: Dr Andreas Wilmes

Dr. Andreas Wilmes, Trivent Editor of the Month - February 2020

Andreas Wilmes received his PhD degree in Philosophy from University Paris-Descartes. He taught courses in philosophy at the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (Lyon, France) and is currently a lecturer at the West University of Timisoara. His research lies at the crossroads of philosophy of psychiatry, anthropology, historiography of modern philosophy and criminology. His most recent publications deal with the works of René Girard and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, the issues raised by the rise of jihadism and the problem of the validity of the concept of psychopathy. It is Andreas’ firm conviction that current academic debates on violence are undermined by overspecialization, lack of multidisciplinarity, and the recent rise of identity politics. In 2017, he founded the Philosophical Journal of Conflict and Violence (published by Trivent Publishing) which aims at fostering scholarly discussions on violence and conflict regardless of political leanings and philosophical schools of thought. With Trivent’s “Violence & Conflict” Imprint, he aims at achieving similar ambitions for human sciences in general.

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