Voyages and Travel Accounts in Historiography and Literature. Connecting the Balkans and the Modern World


Volume 2
Edited by Boris Stojkovski

Publication date: November, 2020

Pages: 289, colour

ISBN 978-615-81689-3-9        Paperback, €32.00

ISBN 978-615-6405-14-2        Hardcover, €99.00

eISBN 978-615-81793-5-5       eBook, €32.00

DOI: 10.22618/TP.HMWR.2020VTA2                

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Introduction, Boris Stojovski  Download PDF

CHAPTER 1. Gligor Samardžić, Goran Popović, The Importance of Ottoman-era Travelogues for the Reconstruction of the Roman Road Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina  Download PDF

CHAPTER 2. Nada N. Savković, The Spiritual Connections and the Cult of Jerusalem in the Works of Two Monks from the Rača Monastery  Download PDF

CHAPTER 3. Vavrinec Žeňuch, Canonical Visitations as Special Travel Sources (Based on the Catholic Visitations of the Uh County in the Eighteenth Century)  Download PDF

CHAPTER 4. Persida Lazarević Di Giacomo, Sauveur Lusignan’s Epistolary Accounts of His Travels as a Historical Source on the Balkans at the End of the Eighteenth Century  Download PDF

CHAPTER 5. Radovan Subić, Adventurers, Agents, and Soldiers: British Travel Writers in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1844 – 1856)  Download PDF

CHAPTER 6. Dušan J. Ljuboja, Travelling through the “Forgotten” Past: The Journeys of Pavle Stamatović in their Broader Pan-Slavic Context  Download PDF

CHAPTER 7. Miklós Tömöry, Cruising Between the Past and the Future: Danube Travel Writings and the Self-Representation of the Serbian National Movement in the 1860s  Download PDF

CHAPTER 8. Miriam Sette, Poetry as Vision: “Mont Blanc” by Shelley  Download PDF

CHAPTER 9. Svetlana Tomin, Pavle Sofrić and His Travelogue In Hilandar  Download PDF

CHAPTER 10. Uroš Stanković, The Judiciary of the Principality of Serbia in Foreign Travel Memoirs (1825–1865)  Download PDF

CHAPTER 11. Elvira Diana, Geographical Itineraries and Political-Social Paths in Amīn al-Rīhānī’s Journeys  Download PDF

CHAPTER 12. Tomasz Ewertowski, Sights of China: Markers of Otherness in Polish and Serbian Travel Writings (1842-1949)  Download PDF

CHAPTER 13. Aleksandra Kolaković, Serbia Is Not Siberia: The French on Serbia and the Serbs at the Turn of the Nineteenth into the Twentieth Century  Download PDF

CHAPTER 14. Jovana Kasaš, The Railway Station of Timişoara in Serbian Sources (1863-1919)  Download PDF

CHAPTER 15. Vivien Sándor, The Hungarian Railways in the Humanities  Download PDF

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Boris Stojkovski
Trivent Medieval
ISBN (hardcover)
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Publication date
November, 2020
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Travelling is one of the most fascinating phenomena that has inspired writers and scholars from Antiquity to our postmodern age. The father of history, Herodotus, was also a traveller, whose Histories can easily be considered a travel account. The first volume of this book is dedicated to the period starting from Herodotus himself until the end of the Middle Ages with focus on the Balkans, the Byzantine Empire, the Islamic world, and South-Eastern Europe. Research on travellers who connected civilizations; manuscript and literary traditions; musicology; geography; flora and fauna as reflected in travel accounts, are all part of this thought-provoking collected volume dedicated to detailed aspects of voyages and travel accounts up to the end of the sixteenth century. 

The second volume of this book is dedicated to the period between Early Modernity and today, including modern receptions of travelling in historiography and literature. South-Eastern Europe and Serbia; the Chinese, Ottoman, and British perception of travelling; pilgrimages to the Holy land and other sacred sites; Serbian, Arabic, and English literature; legal history and travelling, and other engaging topics are all part of the second volume dedicated to aspects of voyages and travel accounts up to the contemporary era.

BORIS STOJKOVSKI, PhD, is associate professor of medieval history at the University of Novi Sad, Serbia. His fields of research and interest include medieval Southern Hungary, the study of the foreign sources for the history of Serbia and Hungary, Arab and Ottoman ties with South-Eastern Europe, Byzantine-Hungarian and Serbian-Hungarian relations. He is a member of several international scholarly organizations, and has participated in numerous domestic and international projects. He was a guest lecturer at the universities Budapest, Pisa, Olomouc, and Ulm.

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