The Rhetoric of the Cyprus Problem. Idealism, Nationalism, Realism


Iakovos Menelaou

Publication date: September, 2021

Pages: 115

ISBN 978-615-81821-3-3                   Paperback, €37.00

ISBN 978-615-6405-06-7                   Hardcover, €79.00

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1. Years of Turmoil

1.1. The Illusion of Enosis (union)

1.2. The Erim Report

1.3. Independence

1.4. Junta-Invasion-Partition

2. Cold Realism

2.1. To Conquer or to Protect?

2.2. Kissinger’s Role

2.3. Metternich and Realpolitik

2.4. Federation vs Unitary State

3. Cementing Bizonality

3.1. The History of Federation in Cyprus

3.2. On the Aftermath of the Annan Plan

3.3. Ankara’s Strategic Depth

3.4. Miscalculations of a Doctrine




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Iakovos Menelaou
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September, 2021
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This book is not another history of the Cyprus problem. It is an analysis of the forces and policies which led to the traumatic experience of 1974 and the geographical separation of the two largest Cypriot communities (the Greek Cypriots and the Turkish Cypriots). Also, it is an analysis of those forces which keep the island divided. Why is Cyprus a divided island? What led to this division? What forces keep the two communities apart? Why was the Annan Plan rejected? How important is the role of the “motherlands”? Are there any geostrategic interests? Why is Cyprus important in the geopolitics of the Eastern Mediterranean? This book deals with these and other questions, and the analysis is based on declassified documents and other primary material.  

IAKOVOS MENELAOU read Medieval and Modern Greek Philology at the University of Ioannina. He completed a Master of Arts degree in Byzantine Studies and Modern Greek at Queen’s University of Belfast and a Master of Theology in Orthodox Christianity at the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David. He holds a PhD in Modern Greek Studies from King’s College London. 

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