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Saints and Sinners on Horseback. Vol. 1


Edited by Miriam A. Bibby 

With a Foreword by Francis Young

Publication date: August, 2023

Pages: 326, colour

ISBN 978-615-6405-86-9             Paperback, €53.00

ISBN 978-615-6405-87-6             Hardcover, €97.00

eISBN 978-615-6405-88-3            eBook, €97.00


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Foreword by Francis Young

Introduction by Miriam A. Bibby  Download PDF


Horse Stealing in Early Modern England: A Shropshire Case of 1606

Peter Edwards

PART 1: The Horse and the World: Cultivated Clerics and Loving Couples

CHAPTER 1. Morality Tales and Misadventure: Horses in Medieval Ecclesiastical Writings

Jürg Gassmann

CHAPTER 2. Saint George on Horseback on Fifteenth-Century Bone Saddles

Virág Somogyvári

PART 2: Equine Miracles and Wonders

CHAPTER 3. Horse Slobber and Sacred Relics: The Role of Constantine’s Horse in the Old English Elene

Kathryn E. O’Toole

CHAPTER 4. Sarı Saltuk and His Horses: Horses as Ways of Accessing Different Planes in Medieval Turkish Heroic Narrative

Mihajlo Bozovic

PART 3: The Horse in Hagiography

CHAPTER 5. Horses in a Christian Context: The Evidence of Saint Basil the Great

Alexia-Foteini Stamouli

CHAPTER 6. Companions of God and Justice Bringers: Horses in Early Medieval Hagiography from Gaul and Italy

Andrea Maraschi

CHAPTER 7. Where Hagiography Meets Hippology: Hans Mielich’s Ligsalz Epitaph (1550)

Pia F. Cuneo

PART 4: Riders at the Margin: Sinners and the Sinned Against

CHAPTER 8. Sexuality, Alterity, and Riding in Thietmar’s Chronicon

Chris Halsted

CHAPTER 9. 3000 Miles to Rouen: Joan of Arc on Horseback

Scott Manning


Race With the Devil: Tam O’Shanter and the Dissident Demons of Speed

Miriam A. Bibby

Notes on Contributors

Data sheet

Miriam A. Bibby
Trivent Medieval
Book series
Rewriting Equestrian History
Book series editor(s)
Anastasija Ropa, Timothy Dawson
ISBN (hardcover)
ISBN (paperback)
Publication date
May, 2023
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In Saints and Sinners on Horseback Volume I we meet saints, sinners, and their horses, mules, and donkeys on the road. Whether saint, sinner, or simply all too human, the medieval individual’s connection to equids reflected relationships with other animals, the rest of humanity, and with the deity. Knowledge of horses permeated hagiographies and homilies, histories and biographies. Equids were recruited in commentaries on morality and Christian duty. In a world in which equids are not so readily encountered, Saints and Sinners on Horseback informs the modern reader about the essential part played by horses in medieval life, literature, and belief.

Dr. Miriam A. Bibby FSA Scot is an equine historian, author, and editor. She is Vice President of the Equine History Collective, an international group of equine history scholars, and co-editor-in-chief of Cheiron, the International Journal of Equine and Equestrian History. Miriam has worked as an academic, museum curator, and heritage consultant. This is the second volume in Trivent’s Rewriting Equestrian History series that she has edited, and two more are forthcoming. 

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