Beyond 9 to 5. The Art of Hybrid Entrepreneurship


Bogdan Marculescu

Publication date: November, 2023

Pages: 290, colour

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Foreword by Stuart Perrin



CHAPTER 1. Society’s Risk Takers



   Differences between full-time and hybrid entrepreneurs

CHAPTER 2. The Author’s Journey, Part 1

CHAPTER 3. Hybrid Entrepreneurship Defined

   Hybrid entrepreneurship vs. the gig economy

   Hybrid entrepreneurship and the new generations

   Which came first?

CHAPTER 4. Hybrid Entrepreneurship—the Future of Work


   Entrepreneurs of the future

   Young HEs

   Retirement and HEs

   Learning from past HEs

   The upside of hybrid entrepreneurship

   Challenges of hybrid entrepreneurship

   Hurdles faced by hybrid entrepreneurs

   Workplace factors

   It’s all fun and games


CHAPTER 5. The Interviews

   Interviews with hybrid entrepreneurs

   Interviews with employees

   Interviews with full-time entrepreneurs

CHAPTER 6. Meet Some Hybrid Entrepreneurs

   The lesser educated employee with a side business

   The highly-educated employee with a side business

   The single mom employee with a side business

CHAPTER 7. The Author’s Journey, Part 2

CHAPTER 8. Hybrid Entrepreneur Motivation

   Phenomenological analysis of interviews

   Comparing hybrid entrepreneurs with employees

   Comparing hybrid entrepreneurs with full-time entrepreneurs

   Differences between hybrid and non-hybrid entrepreneurship

   Comparing hybrid entrepreneurs, full-time entrepreneurs, and employees

   Financial reasons

   Social reasons

   Career reasons

   Other reasons

CHAPTER 9. Early Experiences and Income Focus

   Family involved in business

   The influence of peers

   Growing professionally

   Supportive family environment

   Early age struggle

   Assertive, rebellious nature

   Lack of Resources

CHAPTER 10. Enabling Factors

   Supportive work environment

   Entrepreneurial freedom


   Smooth startup


   Helpful partnerships

CHAPTER 11. Personal Factors

   Desire to be independent



   Willingness to take risks


   Good values


   Searching actively for opportunities (alertness)

   Willingness to work hard

   Materialistic inclinations

   Being socially active

   Attitude towards failure

   Focus on financial stability

   Having something to prove


CHAPTER 12. World History of Entrepreneurship

CHAPTER 13. West vs. East

   Hybrid entrepreneurship in ex-communist countries

   Secret hybrid entrepreneurship

CHAPTER 14. Success in Hybrid Entrepreneurship Industries

   Technology / IT

   Automotive industry

   Food industry

   Middle management


   Retail add-ons / e-commerce


   Consumer goods


CHAPTER 15. Various Paths to Hybrid Entrepreneurship

   Opportunity discovered

   Entrepreneurial learning

   Economic materialism

   Cultural materialism and entrepreneurship

   The role of religion

CHAPTER 16. New Theory

   Early life experiences and decisions

   Early life experiences that led to employment

   Early life experiences that led toward entrepreneurship

   Transitions from employment

   Transitions from employment to full-time entrepreneurship

   Employment to hybrid entrepreneurship

   Deciding to stay with employment

   Hybrid entrepreneurs continue as hybrid entrepreneurs

   Hybrid entrepreneurs to full-time entrepreneurs

   Hybrid entrepreneurs in a nutshell

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Bogdan Marculescu
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Engineering and Management
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Gabriela Prostean
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November, 2023
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'Beyond 9 to 5: The Art of Hybrid Entrepreneurship' is a timely and transformative book that charts a course for success in the new world of work. Through its insightful guidance, interviews, analyses, and unwavering belief in the potential of every individual to become a hybrid entrepreneur, this book is your indispensable companion on the journey to financial independence and personal fulfillment. Get ready to step 'beyond 9 to 5' and embark on a path of limitless possibilities.

In the coming years, the standard workweek will likely become a relic of the past, and the ways in which we earn a living will undergo profound transformations. For many, this may entail reduced hours and income in their primary employment. In this context, the ability to monetize one's time outside 9-to-5 becomes increasingly vital. ‘Beyond 9 to 5’ thus presents a powerful argument: anyone can learn the art of starting a profitable side business. The journey from novice to entrepreneur is a path that is accessible to all, through hybrid entrepreneurship, regardless of their background or prior experience.

The core message of the book resonates clearly: in the evolving world of work, it is essential to see oneself not merely as an employee, but as a creative and resourceful individual. 'Beyond 9 to 5' encourages readers to embrace their roles as intrapreneurs and hybrid entrepreneurs, seizing opportunities to generate income beyond the confines of traditional employment. In an era where change is the only constant, individuals must be adept at identifying and capitalizing on opportunities of all kinds.

With a career spanning over two decades, Dr. Bogdan Marculescu has seamlessly navigated the corporate, entrepreneurial, and academic landscapes. His commitment to business education led him to pursue advanced degrees, including an MBA and a Doctorate in Business Administration. Furthering his academic journey, he obtained a second doctorate, a PhD in Management from West University of Timisoara in Romania, where his pioneering research, employing a fusion of quantitative and qualitative approaches, pushed the boundaries of entrepreneurship studies.

Dr. Marculescu's entrepreneurial spirit mirrored his interests in education, as he initiated and effectively transferred several ventures to larger corporations. Dr. Marculescu's global work experience spans continents, with fruitful collaborations with prestigious institutions from Europe, China and the Middle East, and includes contributions to esteemed academic journals and publications. Bogdan Marculescu remains deeply engaged in various entrepreneurial endeavors and writing projects, perpetuating his commitment to the worlds of academia and business.

My extensive research on entrepreneurship in the United States, Israel, Western Europe, and China reveals a striking fact: over 97% of individuals in these regions are employees rather than entrepreneurs. Contrary to popular belief, only a small fraction of entrepreneurs take the plunge and leave their jobs. As a result, Hybrid Entrepreneurship has emerged as a prevalent alternative to traditional full-time employment and full-time entrepreneurship.

This book offers a comprehensive exploration of entrepreneurship, including background research, the author's personal journey, theoretical insights, definitions, interviews, and forward-looking predictions about the future of work. Dr. Bogdan Marculescu, a passionate and innovatively disruptive academic, provides a high-level overview of Hybrid Entrepreneurship, a topic gaining substantial attention for its profound impact on the contemporary and future business landscape.

Dr Abraham (Abi) Moskovicz, Senior Associate Professor at XJTLU

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