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Saints and Sinners on Horseback. Vol. 2


Edited by Miriam A. Bibby

Publication date: June, 2024

Pages: 203, colour

ISBN 978-615-6696-29-8                        Paperback, €36

ISBN 978-615-6696-28-1                         Hardcover, €51

eISBN 978-615-6696-30-4                      eBook, €36 

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Miriam A. Bibby

PART 1. Horses of the Holy by Land and Sea

The Legend of Cayo Carpo: The Origins of a Portuguese Parallel to the Horse Mythology and Hagiographies of the Celtic World?

   Peter Robinson

From Sacred to Superstitious. Horse-Related Beliefs in Livonia from the Middle Ages Onwards

  Edgar Rops

Martin l’Âne: A Saint and his Donkey

   Martin W. Walsh

Dhu Al-Janāḥ: Mount of Prophets and Saints

   Hylke Hettema

PART 2. Skulls, Skullduggery, and Sporting Sinners

Brothers in Arms or Mere Vehicles? Relationships between Riders and their Warhorses in Medieval Literature

   Anastasija Ropa

Doors and Corners: Examining the Possible Origins and Changing Nuances of Horse Skull Depositions in Irish Post-Medieval Structures

   Rena Maguire and Jordana Maguire

Knowing Ones at Deep Play: The Keeper of the King’s Running Horses

   Richard Nash

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Data sheet

Miriam A. Bibby
Trivent Medieval
Book series
Rewriting Equestrian History
Volume no.
Book series editor(s)
Anastasija Ropa, Timothy Dawson
ISBN (hardcover)
ISBN (paperback)
Publication date
June, 2024
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The second volume of Saints and Sinners on Horseback introduces new equine and human characters whose lives and deaths continue to have social, cultural, and religious influence centuries after their time on earth. Humans record their own deeds, but sometimes forget to honour the horses who made their successes possible. This volume recognises the unnamed equids who exertan influence over the human mind in compelling ways. Equally, the names of some individual horses ring down through the ages, whether for their heroism or as symbols for justice and injustice. Where horses meet humans, religion, magic, and the supernatural are never far away, creating a rich fund of stories for Saints and Sinners on Horseback.

Dr Miriam A. Bibby FSA Scot FRHistS is an equine historian, author, and editor. She is a former Vice President of the Equine History Collective, and co-editor-in-chief of Cheiron, the International Journal of Equine and Equestrian History. As well as working as an academic and course developer for the University of Manchester’s networked Egyptology course, Miriam has also worked as a museum curator and heritage consultant. She has contributed as both author and editor to Trivent’s Rewriting Equestrian History series.

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