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Crime, Violence and Justice

Trivent Publishing, H-1119 Budapest, Etele u. 59-61
Series editor: Bianca Fileborn,
Publisher: Andreas Wilmes

This series aims to canvas innovative and critical debates across the field of criminology. We welcome proposals based on empirical research, as well as conceptual and theoretical work. ‘Crime’, ‘violence’ and’ justice are conceptualized broadly in this series, and proposals may address behaviors which are within the remit of the criminal law, as well as those considered ‘deviant’, anti-social’, or otherwise outside the scope of criminal law. Likewise, justice encompasses both formal institutional responses to crime and violence, as well as informal, innovative, and social justice.  

We invite proposals for monographs, handbooks, or edited collections on a broad range of topics relating to crime, violence and justice broadly defined. The editors are particularly interested in proposals across the following broad thematic areas:

  • Sexual and intimate-partner violence
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Sex, gender and sexuality (e.g., LGBTQ+ perspectives on crime and violence, criminal regulation of sex work, masculinities and crime)
  • Geographies of crime, violence and justice
  • Media and crime, violence and justice
  • Justice, including innovative and informal justice
  • Digital crime, violence and justice
  • Historical perspective on crime and punishment
  • Criminological research methods
  • State-violence
  • Genocide and Holocaust studies
  • Terrorism studies
  • Borders and transnational crime
  • Social control and deviance
  • Crime prevention, social and cultural change
However, proposals that sit outside of these areas are also welcome.